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Find Your Dream Home

Morton Grove Painting

Pin ItIt’s everyone’s life goal to have a beautiful house that they can be proud of and that they will love to call home. Here are some of the most beautiful homes in the world. There’s got to be something here for everyone. Maybe one day, one of these beautiful homes will be yours. This [...]

Give Your Business a Make-Over

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Pin ItIs your business starting to feel drab? Are all of the white walls on the inside just screaming for something more? Many people paint their walls white or light colors because it is easy, and there aren’t a ton of decisions that are necessary with those color choices. After a while, white can get [...]

How To Create The Perfect Game Room

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Pin ItA game room can be the highlight of your house if you know how to do it right. Just adding a pool table or dart board doesn’t quite do it. You need to create an aura in which people will feel ready to get their game on. So how do you create the perfect [...]

Latest Home Decorating Trends

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Pin ItYour home is a highly personal space.  It is where you go to recover from the day’s adventures and the first thing you wake up to in the morning.  In some languages, the act of “going home” is always referred to using the word “return” instead of “go” – implying that no matter where [...]