The Color Connection: How Paint Color Can Effect Your Mood

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Yes, it’s true. Scientists have proven that certain colors can affect the mood you have. So when you finally decide to paint that bedroom or change the look of your kitchen, you may want to understand some of the moods certain colors give off.  

warm and cool colors combined with paper birds

Warm and Cool Colors

So let’s take the rainbow and check out the colors. We’ll separate them into two major groups: cool colors and warm colors, so before you take to the walls, let’s give you a better idea of what the colors can mean to your mood.

Cool Colors

Many interior designers use cool colors and tones because it gives balance to space and it can receive sunlight much better. Studies also show that cool colors reminds us of being outdoors. Take for instance: blue tones which reminds us of the sky and the ocean. Let’s break down the three major cool colors:


Green tones make you think of nature. Earthy and dark greens are usually popular in homes and are calming but sometimes remind you of feelings of sadness but are also considered masculine and rich. Many pale greens are found in schools and hospitals because their considered soothing.


Purple tones are generally more appealing to kids. Lighter purples and violets work well in bathrooms while vibrant tones of purple work well in play rooms and children’s bedrooms.


Blue tones give you a ton of options. They’re a great choice for bedrooms, because blues are considered peaceful and tranquil which is why designers like to go for those tones. But they don’t like blues inside of kitchens and dining rooms because blues are believed to suppress your hunger.

Warm Colors

Warm colors are the reds, oranges and yellow tones. They are normally used as images of heat and sunshine, but they also inspire intimacy and creativity.


Red colors provoke passion and energy. They’re very powerful and bold which is also thought to increase your heart rate. Many different shades of red (burgandy, maroon) are perfect for dining rooms because of the intimacy it inspires.


Yellow tones suggest a playfulness but should be used as accents or in lighter tones because it’s thought to provoke anxiety in people. Yellow colors do grab attention but if it’s too pale, it can sadden the mood of a room which also saddens the mood of people but it’s also believed to purify the body. 

warm and cool colors aligned in thread and order

Warm and Cool Colors: Which do you prefer?

Photo source 1: blentley. Photo Source 2:  dirac3000

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